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The Good Doctor on Twitter: “Sometimes our greatest heroes can come from anywhere. #TheGoodDoctor premieres tonight at 10|9c after #DWTS!” — Genesis 1:31 Creative Ministry


via The Good Doctor on Twitter: “Sometimes our greatest heroes can come from anywhere. #TheGoodDoctor premieres tonight at 10|9c after #DWTS!” — Genesis 1:31 Creative Ministry

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The Government Breaks the Law

For they are trespassing on land given by the US to the tribes, to build this pipeline.

Many such pipelines are coming, to YOUR area as well.

This one is being built under (?) the Missouri River missiouri river map wikipedia

(pic from Wikipedia)

(how far down does one have to go to avoid the water table of the Missouri River?) The Dakota Pipeline is NOT attempting to go beneath the water table of the Missouri River.

i have posted about this (on my personal fb feed and maybe on Jeremiah 30:17’s group (before it was archived).

For another friend posted about how the Native Americans protesting this pipeline were (are) being sprayed with pesticides. :’-(. Which makes me depressed thinking about the long term effect/affect on the people, the ground, etc.

I wanted to watch something different today (verses my usual shows like NCIS) and i thought, ‘Today is Jeremiah 30:17 Day so…something about nature or…about mental health, health period.

I had already seen the film on Netflix about the Dangers of Alcohol….Standing Rock! Oh yeah! i can watch a few minutes of it. (for it is a sad thing to watch for me and i have to pray not to be angry, not to turn it inwards (depression).

For i do not believe their protest will stop anything, in the long run.

rubber bullets

President Obama ceased construction on the pipeline…Trump started it back up…this is when i heard of the pesticide spraying…overhead, with an airplane.

We have had a trial by water that Elohim promised to never do again.

The next one will be by fire.

The United States surrounded by fire.

I always thought it would start from the volcanoes that are asleep on the Pacific Ocean side…then i saw this video: AWAKE, A Dream from Standing Rock…about the proposed pipelines across the United States…

hundreds of proposed pipelines

That alone could cause the fire, toxic smoke, toxic leakage alone (plus all this pesticide spraying) can cause the coming famine and drought for the United States.

The one place with clean water…where in the US is that? A reservoir IS NOT a NATURAL source…even rainfall will be affected/effected by toxic smoke.

So people can pretend laws and genocide are not happening today, right now, with these protesters as an example.

numbers on our arms standing rock

dog kennels standing rock

What will you do when Big Oil comes to your door?

Like today…i heard a public announcement in Walmart to ‘help’ survivors of Hurricane Harvey…i didn’t hear one for Louisiana/Hurricane Katrina (even the New Jersey one), but Walmart is gathering together for Texas?

I am glad people are helping survivors…more such ‘natural’ disasters will be coming…so many, so soon, that it will deplete the so called ‘wealth’ of this nation (FEMA too).

These things are happening, will continue to happen, because of so called ‘Americans’ turning away from God…hardening their hearts.

Trump dissing our former allies (like France-for they have always lent us a hand, that is changing)…plus London being bombed left and right (other countries too)…other countries may be suffering too much themselves to offer help…and help US when we have selfish leaders, like Trump?

Unprecedented ‘storms’ are coming…the only protection and way out (guidance from the Holy Spirit) is through heartfelt repentance and prayer.

As one nation, truly under Elohim, from the bottom to the top (secret societies included), will have to repent and pray.

Imagine the chaos and violence from those without Christ going through what is to come…for Elohim’s punishment is coming full due.

I feel like Jonah. For who wants to warn people who WILL NOT LISTEN? Yet i’ve been in the whale most of my life…so, i will continue to warn, despite derision (and possible violence), for i live because of Christ, may i die with Him as well.

Live by Christ and ye shall never die. #romens812

(Aahh! The Wormwood! the next step after opening the seal (in Revelations) where the ‘heavens go silent’ (the blackout in New York, during that time there were system wide satellite failures that caused cell phones not to work across the US (the first time such happened, so big).

The Wormwood/poison of the water(s)…oil leakage suffices…especially considering how the Missouri River is a main arm of the Mississippi…our ‘water cleaner’ centers were not made to filter oil!

water is life

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“A Radically Refreshing Take on Chocolate Milk”

The Wall Street Journal | 8/17/2017

chocolate mint milk

By Aleksandra Crapanzano · The Wall Street Journal · 8/17/2017
A drink we’d ordered looked like a simple glass of chocolate milk, but the first sip revealed something more akin to the best York Peppermint Patty or After Eight mint imaginable—the milk cold and creamy, the chocolate subtly spiced with cinnamon, and the mint very, very fresh.
asked Rick Bayless, the chef-proprietor of Fonda Frontera as well as Xoco, Topolobampo and other Chicago restaurants, how he harnessed that brisk blast of cooling mint. He told me he starts by picking the mint for the drink in his garden and steeping an uncommonly generous amount of it in milk heated to a simmer. He allows the herb to infuse the milk for half an hour, removes and discards it, then whisks in freshly ground Mexican chocolate and cinnamon.
(Taza Chocolate makes a particularly good cinnamon-spiced Chocolate Mexicano disc that works well in this recipe, available at
you can also grate three ounces of semi-sweet chocolate and stir in a half teaspoon of powdered cinnamon. A drop or two of almond extract may be added to the milk as well, but I prefer the pure shock of mint and the warmth of the cinnamon without the smoothing influence of almond. Mr. Bayless calls the frothy concoction Iced Mint Chocolate. He whizzes mint and sugar in a food processor, dampens the rim of a cold glass and dips it into the minty mixture before serving—a festive touch, if you can resist swigging this drink straight from the fridge.

Iced Mint Chocolate Milk

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PERFUME EDUCATION: What the heck’s an All Natural Fragrance Oil?

via What the Heck’s an All Natural Fragrance Oil? – Vetiver Aromatics

Jeremiah 30:17 is investigating this subject for i have recently bought some fragrance oil and i was hoping the package (once it came) would reveal its ingredients.

No such blessing!

Upon reading (i used a text to audio extension by the way) Vetiver’s article, it says:

Furthermore, you have to be able to trust the company you’re buying from – not just that they are honest (the ingredients in fragrance oils are protected and don’t have to be revealed),


Ok, ok i get it that a hydrogen bomb is made of natural ingredients, and that one can get cancer from nature itself.

With synthetic fragrance oils-(this article helped me differentiate between synthetic and NATURAL fragrance oil-for i figured ALL fragrance oils were synthetic!) (like the food grade red color-comes from a natural ingredient-some kind of insect (which causes an allergic reaction in many)-which has many health enthusiasts put out a DANGER sign for certain Dye #’s) ANYTHING synthetic (which means not from nature in anyway-a clone of nature-created by a lab somewhere-which also means some fragrance oils are a combo of natural sources AND synthetic ones (which brings me to gmo definitions-which also needs its own article) something TOTALLY synthetic raises the chances of disease REALLY high…MUCH higher than the others.

(which has led me to a crossroads in sharing the health info i have come across-(which needs its own article) (for many people do not understand the DEGREE of danger and from my own lack of NOT utilizing my own advice (due to economical and stress factors) that there NEEDS to be a very different way of grading this advice-like for those who do not really care to sacrifice their ‘pleasure/comfort’ way-of-life at ANY level easy-to those who not only have the knowledge, have the money, time and are willing to change AGAIN! Are examples of one extreme to the other.)(so…$ classification, time, knowledge (don’t really care/follows fads-very knowledgable (can write their own blog,& probably do, yet still searching (as always)-different levels of beginners, different levels of intermediary, and different levels of advanced…hmmm WITH time/effort classifications AND $ classifications…interesting!)

There are also the many levels of danger according to the above classifications, mindsets, culture, etc (well! i could just use classifications based on what i know, what i have experienced (which is WHAT WE ALL DO ANYWAY! The point is to NOT attempt to include or try to understand levels i am not at-like me writing this stuff for myself, this ministry (all of them really) are like databases-i am trying to share with others (which is why i’m like me Lord? REALLY? You know i’m not good at helping others understand things (those who have the patience and open hearts…you do 🙂 so…(at least you are attempting to do so) (and i am much better at demonstrating in person (explaining one on one) and…lots of this REQUIRES ACTUALLY DOING IT!

(Like i had someone in my family complain to me personally that something i posted didn’t work…first of all-its not something i was told in a timely matter (like as soon as it didn’t work for them and those are the kinds of things called FEEDBACK! AND! It is stuff i SHARE! info, ideas, new ways of looking at things that are NOT GOING TO WORK FOR EVERYONE!)

(an example (of real life i’ve experienced) is: I’m over someone else’s house and they say they cannot boil water…a typical answer i’ve heard many times for those who claim not to be able to cook…its worse than bad, this person COULD LITERALLY NOT BOIL WATER! WITHOUT burning the pot.

The burning pot part was acquired due to one on one contact, me ACTUALLY BEING THERE, getting to see the environment, knowing the person, etc. There are MANY variables i have seen just from comments done online about stuff-certain things i would not think to mention-like oiling the pan first, following the instructions in the EXACT ORDER mentioned in the recipe, etc.

Back to this PARTICULAR person who couldn’t boil water…why? i asked? What are you trying to cook? (It was like noodles or something (like ramen). So i tried to get the person to go thru the motions and describe what happened or happens….

THIS person was an addict….a piece of info i wouldn’t have discovered if i wasn’t there, for they were embarrassed/ashamed to admit it (the kind of drugs that one does with a spoon and a heat source?) Where you high while trying to cook? (Yep) Answer received by person’s REACTION not a verbal thing. And even while NOT high…time is something they do not pay attention to (just the next hit) and we can only imagine what it must feel like to NOT be high.

One CANNOT cook without focusing on it.

Another example is of someone who lived with me for a short period of time (another cooking example) (to show variances just in the i-don’t-know-how-to-cook area):

Cooking rice is easy i told him…i even told him how to do it…he even came back to me several times while trying to do it….it didn’t turn out right.

He became happy with his progress once, twice in a row…and so one time it was like mush and another not done at all.

Cooking rice is easy for me, i discovered because i took it for granted. Because i actually had YEARS of cooking experience AND i watched my mother do i SO MANY TIMES!

This person didn’t really want to learn to cook (a female chore, he feels he DOESN’T HAVE TO DO!) and so resentment was growing with my dissatisfaction at the results.

A great example is eggs.

This same male likes his eggs yolks liquidy…sunny side up? is what i asked and he said yeah!

Found out sunny side up is like trying to get rare or medium rare on a steak…in other words i HATE RUNNY EGGS! (and rare or medium rare steak too).

So trying to hit that perfect spot of sunny for a person who doesn’t even appreciate how difficult this is for me? (just like i wasn’t with the rice thing for him)

I eventually said forget this! (because his attitude upon receiving my failed attempts were getting worse (too runny or too firm) You want it THAT way? COOK IT YOURSELF!

Which he could not do.

Which led to a SERIOUS problem in our relationship.

ANOTHER example of the i-cannot-boil-water- people (this i saw online):

This person kept using the but i can’t boil water excuse for everything!

Come to find out that when the water is on the stove they walk away…for how long? This person had no clue and also DID NOT WANT TO TIME IT!


(stick to microwaves and take-out in cases like this (easy to just zap and eat-not stuff like Microwave rice (which requires watching even in a microwave and the extra steps of ‘fluffing’ and WAITING!)

See, those who REALLY are committed to the RESULTS of the exercise is the point here!

I hated runny eggs, especially for a VERY IMPATIENT and unappreciative person (end result-still not good, for this person would find something wrong with anything actually)

Some people prefer to eat chips instead of a cooked meal-for it requires the effort of (a woman, NOT ME!) or (its the hit i really want to spend my effort on)

Others can afford to have other people cook it for them…they would rather spend their effort on the ‘job’ that helps them do that.

I believe i can cook, others believe i cannot (usually because i do not know how to do that particular thing from scratch).

A person who KNOWS HOW TO COOK, can learn to cook anything…with time (the question is…do we REALLY WANT TO?)


How healthy do you WANT to be? How MUCH EFFORT are you willing to put into it?

Like i discovered Non-Acidic foods…i even put in the effort…my pocketbook AND likewise LENGTH of supplies? Has me caving back into old eating habits (now i better understand the choices of How To Eat To Live).

Yet now…i’m getting seizures again, which helps to solidify a hypothesis of mine: That Acidic foods LEACH magnesium ( potassium and many other things) from the body (which can cause seizures).

So i HAVE TO re-evaluate my position…maybe i can try to incorporate more Non-Acidic foods into my diet? (like mixing synthetic with natural ingredients) See how that affects me? For many Non-acidic foods i cannot buy, with food stamps…especially not the AMOUNT needed!

The few i have access to, can lead to boredom and require more cooking time (from lack of experience) and the fact of it being FRESH, so very time sensitive/perishable.

Last time i did the Non-acidic thing for a month? a month and a half? and in just that short of time? Months later (two or 3?) i felt better?

These are questions that will nag me to death, until i answer them with MORE EXPERIENCE.


How committed are you to the end result? Do you have the time, money and resources to do it?

These are things i cannot judge for you.

Like the words ‘affordable’ i have been seeing lately… (come to find out affordable for Middle Class incomes…what the internet considers middle class not me)

And NOT newly Middle Class either.

Then there are those who have different ‘classes’ of thinking…

My thinking is Middle Class, my education level, was…higher than most public schools, so like low-to-high Middle class there. With a very high class level of spiritual thinking (which i didn’t understand till now). Grew up with low Middle Class income, to low income, no doubt. As an adult, Low Income…as some would say, poor.

Its ENORMOUSLY frustrating to have desires beyond one’s means.

Being of Middle Class thinking..i do not ‘understand’ those who DIDN’T get what i get. Its like one who understands math, science or tech very well and have always been surrounded by others who ALSO knew these things at various levels, near theirs…

That is what it is like to grow up in a ‘class’ for it is a Cultural Mindset…

Add race and religion, changes it more, also…add how many generations before them, changes it even more.

I find many folk who have more money than i, a generation or so deep in it too…yet they still feel inferior (?) when information is beyond them.

That to me points to a very low level of Spirituality, which leads to Low Class thinking…

There are few High Spiritual thinking people that i have met. For this quality allows one to be more open minded, open hearted, truly seeking to understand others besides your way (and everyone else you have ever known)

Wow this is sociology/psychology/spirituality- this is what is missing in sociology and psychology…the spiritual applications of it.

And when so called spiritual applicants apply the tools of the world (things excluding spirituality) (like sociology and psychology…science really), try to incorporate the world’s definitions into a spiritual thing? Religion it becomes.

For i see the mindset of some…who desire to be told things, spiritual things like How to make a Peanut Butter Sandwich.

Like a scientist, whose theories are only true when others can follow it and get the same results.

Belief is not like that. Faith is not like that.

As i was trying to point out, neither is health achieved in such a way.

For you to achieve the same results as i do, would require for you to be me…which is impossible.

For you to receive SIMILAR results is possible if you have already put in the steps BEFORE the one mentioned!

Like DESIRE. I have come to see that Desire and strength of one’s will is A MUST, in whatever i speak on.

I am surprised at people’s level of Desire. How low it is.

People seem ardent, passionate…How strong is your desire to follow Christ?

Usually gets a negative response, or like the ones who put up their hand when asked, “Who is nice?”

And! My desire has been strong for the things of Elohim ALL MY LIFE! And i do not understand those who don’t and trying to help others GET such a strong desire?

Is like trying to explain how i think, how i feel.

When i have never thought about it, its not something i ever questioned.

I didn’t understand…didn’t know others who didn’t. For it sounded like they did and i ASSUMED that if one thought this…it led to that.

I’m coming to the understanding that even my ‘thoughts’ are intuitive…creative some would say.

Tis why its difficult to share the process.

For i do not understand it either, it just works.

How do i know that? For it always has.

Then i get examples where it didn’t…for who? you? why? Then underlining differences come up in our way of thinking…Oh! so that is why THIS didn’t work for you! Because of that particular thought process.

Very few are willing to delve into such an ‘intrusion’, to share the inner workings of their mind and hearts.

If you think it, you can achieve it.

Is really more: If you believe it, you can achieve it.

For a person with a stronger will the first part is easy, the 2nd part is already done, automatically.

How can you just CHOOSE your belief like that? How can you just CHANGE IT? So effortlessly?

Explains underlining differences in the way we think.

Come to find out, that it takes A LOT OF TIME to ‘prove’ what i said.

Not to me.

Its easy for me to pick up another line of thinking, for i have ALREADY done some mind altering, life changing things in my life.

Radical, dramatic shifts. Some seemingly at odds with the other and definitely at odds with whatever standards the ‘majority’ have.

So i already have years of experience at doing this…its really a part of my dna.

Tis why i am learning to ‘reach’ for others who ALREADY ‘get’ me…to some extent.

For they do exist.

Maybe i’m not happy with Kirk being MY captain BECAUSE I AM KIRK! Have you ever seen William Shatner with another personality like himself in the same room?


For Kirks are rare…miracle makers.

We were there and even we don’t know how it worked (even Spock would have to admit), it just did. I use to be like you too, with Kirk you learn not too.

I’ve met others who achieved things just because they REFUSED to accept otherwise!

I just never consciously chose such a thought process…until now.

I’m searching for my crew, the Lord made me this way, and there is a crew, somewhere! The Kirk beacon is being sent! and it may take awhile before my code is decipherable and THEN believable!

Its like those beacons/radio broadcast sent in Resident Evil, Planet of the Apes or 28 days.

What if they are traps? What if its not real? What if? What if?

My crew will come and see, for the what if’s will bug the crap out of them too, or the HS just led them there, or they just felt like they had nothing to offer or…Elohim only knows.

The consequences of me not following the drives Elohim places on me?

Are worse than anything anyone else can say or do.

So RISE bones of Israel! 😀




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Pro golfer’s wife reveals the eye-opening reality of battling Lyme Disease


via Pro golfer’s wife reveals the eye-opening reality of battling Lyme Disease

10 Symptoms of Lyme Disease

lyme tick

3. Neurological Issues

Lyme has a way of manipulating the brain into thinking you’re really not sick, but then slowly starting to chip away at pivotal neurological functions.

Patients begin to experience memory loss, trouble focusing, depression, anxiety, emotional tantrums, or total personality changes from day to night.

Sensory disturbances, shoulder droop, sensitivity issues, cranial nerve palsy , or double vision.

Of course these symptoms could also be signs of various forms of mental illness, so always speak candidly with your doctor to find the real cause of any recent neurological changes.