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The Good Doctor on Twitter: “Sometimes our greatest heroes can come from anywhere. #TheGoodDoctor premieres tonight at 10|9c after #DWTS!” — Genesis 1:31 Creative Ministry


via The Good Doctor on Twitter: “Sometimes our greatest heroes can come from anywhere. #TheGoodDoctor premieres tonight at 10|9c after #DWTS!” — Genesis 1:31 Creative Ministry

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The Government Breaks the Law

For they are trespassing on land given by the US to the tribes, to build this pipeline.

Many such pipelines are coming, to YOUR area as well.

This one is being built under (?) the Missouri River missiouri river map wikipedia

(pic from Wikipedia)

(how far down does one have to go to avoid the water table of the Missouri River?) The Dakota Pipeline is NOT attempting to go beneath the water table of the Missouri River.

i have posted about this (on my personal fb feed and maybe on Jeremiah 30:17’s group (before it was archived).

For another friend posted about how the Native Americans protesting this pipeline were (are) being sprayed with pesticides. :’-(. Which makes me depressed thinking about the long term effect/affect on the people, the ground, etc.

I wanted to watch something different today (verses my usual shows like NCIS) and i thought, ‘Today is Jeremiah 30:17 Day so…something about nature or…about mental health, health period.

I had already seen the film on Netflix about the Dangers of Alcohol….Standing Rock! Oh yeah! i can watch a few minutes of it. (for it is a sad thing to watch for me and i have to pray not to be angry, not to turn it inwards (depression).

For i do not believe their protest will stop anything, in the long run.

rubber bullets

President Obama ceased construction on the pipeline…Trump started it back up…this is when i heard of the pesticide spraying…overhead, with an airplane.

We have had a trial by water that Elohim promised to never do again.

The next one will be by fire.

The United States surrounded by fire.

I always thought it would start from the volcanoes that are asleep on the Pacific Ocean side…then i saw this video: AWAKE, A Dream from Standing Rock…about the proposed pipelines across the United States…

hundreds of proposed pipelines

That alone could cause the fire, toxic smoke, toxic leakage alone (plus all this pesticide spraying) can cause the coming famine and drought for the United States.

The one place with clean water…where in the US is that? A reservoir IS NOT a NATURAL source…even rainfall will be affected/effected by toxic smoke.

So people can pretend laws and genocide are not happening today, right now, with these protesters as an example.

numbers on our arms standing rock

dog kennels standing rock

What will you do when Big Oil comes to your door?

Like today…i heard a public announcement in Walmart to ‘help’ survivors of Hurricane Harvey…i didn’t hear one for Louisiana/Hurricane Katrina (even the New Jersey one), but Walmart is gathering together for Texas?

I am glad people are helping survivors…more such ‘natural’ disasters will be coming…so many, so soon, that it will deplete the so called ‘wealth’ of this nation (FEMA too).

These things are happening, will continue to happen, because of so called ‘Americans’ turning away from God…hardening their hearts.

Trump dissing our former allies (like France-for they have always lent us a hand, that is changing)…plus London being bombed left and right (other countries too)…other countries may be suffering too much themselves to offer help…and help US when we have selfish leaders, like Trump?

Unprecedented ‘storms’ are coming…the only protection and way out (guidance from the Holy Spirit) is through heartfelt repentance and prayer.

As one nation, truly under Elohim, from the bottom to the top (secret societies included), will have to repent and pray.

Imagine the chaos and violence from those without Christ going through what is to come…for Elohim’s punishment is coming full due.

I feel like Jonah. For who wants to warn people who WILL NOT LISTEN? Yet i’ve been in the whale most of my life…so, i will continue to warn, despite derision (and possible violence), for i live because of Christ, may i die with Him as well.

Live by Christ and ye shall never die. #romens812

(Aahh! The Wormwood! the next step after opening the seal (in Revelations) where the ‘heavens go silent’ (the blackout in New York, during that time there were system wide satellite failures that caused cell phones not to work across the US (the first time such happened, so big).

The Wormwood/poison of the water(s)…oil leakage suffices…especially considering how the Missouri River is a main arm of the Mississippi…our ‘water cleaner’ centers were not made to filter oil!

water is life

via AWAKE, A Dream from Standing Rock | Netflix

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Excelent Hunter

wolf hunter fall

i love the intelligence and just about everything i have ever heard, read, about wolves!

Like i read that wolves are not naturally nocturnal!

They changed (adapted) to the night because of how much they were hunted during the day!

Reminds me of black folk…we have become agents of the night and criminality because of how we are hunted during the day and in anything ‘normal’ we strive to do.

This just motivates me more to help develop all the ministries under Romans 8:12 (like this one: Jeremiah 30:17), for we can do ANYTHING with the Lord? Right? 😀

I am out to PROVE just that! In Yeshua’s holy name…amen!

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5 reasons why 3 STDs are roaring back in America – Vox

via 5 reasons why 3 STDs are roaring back in America – Vox

A reason NOT being tracked is: Incarceration

Check: If you getting raped in prison, it sure ain’t with no damn condom!

And the males of today have MANY LESS ways of showing dominance/power-sex is it…

Rape in prison is higher than it use to be, its so common now AND NO ONE is doing ANYTHING to stop it!

Its encouraged and ignored by prison guards…and criminals OWN the prisons!

Career, well-known criminals!

Me? i am afraid to just visit someone in jail, for the guards can do whatever they want! Like being searched at an airport! One of those invasive body cavity searches.

Doesn’t mean that i will not conquer that fear <cause in a way i DARE them to mistreat me! In the name of Yeshua!>

I’ve been in too many homeless shelters…its like being in prison there…treated with disrespect and plenty of rape, let alone other violence…




Its unbelievably bad, and people shouldn’t be treated this way just because they are incarcerated and/or homeless.

People are ignoring this…STD’S are the LEAST of society’s problems!

A.I.D.S. Is ALSO on the rise <an article posted before WP>

We’ve had peace so long, that the US has FORGOTTEN what its like to have rioting EVERY DAY!

We have gone so long WITHOUT certain afflictions and disease that we are prey to the newer version of stuff the US thought we got rid of <bedbugs, the flu, AIDS, etc>

the US has been ‘successful’ as an Atheist country-that we associate independence with FREEDOM!

America is devouring itself…for THAT is what evil does…when its routed out any SERIOUS competition from the righteous…there is nothing left but SMALLER demons.

The very things that made America ‘great’ (rebellion, racism, genocide, lying, cheating, stealing, murder…erc) are, as Malik El Shabazz said, “Chickens coming home to roost.”

Turn away from Elohim and EVERYTHING He has forgiven you for, protected you from COMES DUE IMMEDIATELY! America!

Those who obeyed Elohim, even in some small fashion are dwindling to EXTINCT numbers.

Yeah you can do good, you CAN turn this thing around, by being in a part of Elohim willingly! For the righteous still left in the beast? Can help the rest of us bring it down.

For who in Government will listen anymore? Who in any position of authority in this country will be ashamed at what WE do?

You are there to hold the door open for those who come to free those STUCK in.

THAT is how the system WILL BE changed!

Free speech, unless you are talking about Donald Trump, in a bad way.

Opportunity provided by cutting of programs for the poor, provide fodder to burn during the consequential RIOTS that will follow <more funding for security measures>

Till one is either rich, police, or those the police watch…the new ‘middle’ class.

Guess where the majority will be?

Unless a miracle takes place its ‘Escape from New York’ for most of us.

Tis why i pray for this country…the United States of America.

For WE need a miracle right now Lord, we really do.